66. Cheap Girls - My Roaring 20’s

I found out about Cheap Girls by accidentally playing one of their drum beats. In 2010 I played drums in a band called Club For Growth. They had been a band for 2 years, but had recently lost touch with their drummer, who really wasn’t great to begin with. I had bugged them to join for a while, and finally was accepted in. That summer we worked on new tunes for the band’s first full length. It was the first time I was a drummer for a band that was writing a whole lot of originals, so I got to challenge myself to write great drum lines. On a song called “For Madmen Only,” I started the tune with a beat that immediately made the bassist’s ear perk up. “Lowden! You like Cheap Girls?” said Drew. I told him I didn’t, and he immediately told me that I just played the drum beat to “Sunnyside,” from an album he had been digging on a lot at the time. He pointed me in the direction of this record, and I dug the Replacements-ish, Gin Blossoms-ish 90’s rock-ish vibe being thrown in. I have a great memory of Drew and I driving to Poughkeepsie, NY for a gig on a beautiful early summer evening blasting this record as we drove up the New York State Thruway.

Also in 2010 I had put the song “One and Four” on a playlist for a concert I was putting on with the amazing NJ band the Screaming Females. For the entirety of the openers, they sat in the audience, watching and hanging out with the crowd. They also paid attention to the house music playlist that I had created for the show, and were really enjoying it. I was grabbing an extra drum floor tom for my friend’s band from my car when King Mike of the Screamales saw me, and ran up to talk to me. “Dude! Did you make the playlist?” I told him I did. “Holy shit, you played my favorite Fountains of Wayne song, and I love Cheap Girls so much!” He gushed about My Roaring 20’s and how he loved to play it in the van. It was a surreal moment. A month later the Screaming Females graced the cover of L Magazine. King Mike had a Cheap Girls patch on his hoodie.

In 2012 my good friend Steve booked Cheap Girls to play in my college town at the local Moose Lodge chapter. The day of the show I tweeted the band asking if it was cool if I taped the show. The tweeted back immediately saying it was cool, just introduce myself there. I talked to the drummer, and he confirmed that it was cool, just as long as I sent them a link. I told them about my history of taping shows that I put on, and would love to have a document of this one. They put on a very tight 10 song set, featuring many of my favorite songs from this record. I bought this at the merch table, and to my surprise, it was a cool colored disc.